Dip N' Sauce

I should have enough for your needs

Wow! Stocks for winter.

Here is my last tryout : The KO Ketchup from Los Angeles ! (http://koketchup.com/) It calls itself the evolution of Ketchup ! :) It is not Ketchup, nor BBQ, it’s KO !

First impression : I loved the old school packaging and its thin bottle, who looks like a flask in fact! I am really into old school branding and packaging, and this one fits perfectly in this category.

I tried it with chicken, beef dips, and in a tortilla. I did not know what to think at the beginning concerning the taste : Sweet? Spicy? Barbecue flavored?

And in fact, it is all of these tastes and flavors in a single bottle. The KO ketchup mixed lots of 100% natural ingredients (which is very positive). Let me enumerate some : Balsamic vinegar, chipotle peppers, black pepper, CILANTRO !!!

We feel the peppers but not too much, and that’s good, because it is named Ketchup. I also felt some very small bits in it, as if there was garlic powder.

Really, it was a nice tryout and I would advise you to try it in a burger.

Let me share with you a description I noticed and liked on the website : “Beyond ketchup, beyond BBQ sauce, beyond your taste buds’ wildest dreams – K.O. Ketchup is the first step toward a more flavorful life.”

On their website, you have links to buy products online, and the list of stores they are in. (Only in California at the moment)

You can also see them on :

- Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/KOketchup

- Twitter : https://twitter.com/#!/KO_ketchup

- Pinterest : http://pinterest.com/koketchup/


2 amazing books that sauces lovers and members of the association would love !

First is on the history of the iconic Heinz packaging, and the other one is an amazing Heinz cookbook. I started reading the one on packaging, and it is very interesting and funny to see what ketchup or Catsup bottles looked like.

They look so beautiful in my bookcase !


Keep on following the quest :)

Today, let me introduce you a smart sauce. I say smart not only because of its packaging but also its taste : The Mina Harissa. (http://www.casablancafoods.com/)

You may all now this sauce from North Africa called harissa that we can eat with couscous for example. They are normally very doughy and too spicy, meaning the sensation is not great at all. It’s as if you eat a raw chili paste.

But Mina knew this, and created this amazing sauce. When I received it, I was first impressed by its very smart and mat grey/black label overhung by the golden screwtop.

But then when I opened it, I was seduced by its amazing and lovely red color, and by its small chili seeds.

After all these sensations :) I tried it, first with a spoon and then with meat and chicken.

I will describe my feeling with 3 words : Light (texture), Perfumed (You’ll feel in the East) and Spicy (because it has to be). 

The fineness of its flavors incredibly allows you to savor this harissa.

So, please saucy lovers and members of the association, next time you plan a North African meal, take Mina Harissa with no hesitation. I personally tried the spicy one, but you also have the mild and medium ones if you are not into hot sauces.

TO ORDER ONLINE : http://www.abesmarket.com/mina-harissa-2-pack-10oz-each.html

You can also find it in some specialized stores in the US, as Mina is based in NYC. It keeps on growing at the moment and you’ll hopefully find it in more stores and countries soon.

Here are the 3 last amazing Heinz sauces I tried ! A friend brought them for me from Belgium, coz it’s almost impossible to find them here.

So, you have :

- The Frites sauce (French Fries Sauce) : It’s a kind of mayo but less thick and creamier. It is very similar to the “Pommes-Frites Sauce” we have with French Fries in McDonald’s. (http://www.mcdonalds.fr/produits/sauces/pommes-frites-sauce

My opinion : Very sweet, perfect for people who are more on classic sauces, with no spices or chilis.


- The Mexican Ketchup : This is a the perfect Heinz Ketchup we all know, but spicier ! It is very very good, and practical for Heinz Ketchup aficionados who also really like chilis ! A great try !

My opinion : Perfect meeting between a best seller and chilis !

Link : http://www.heinz.be/Products/T/Tomato%20Ketchup%20Mexican.aspx

- The Andalouse sauce : Apparently very eaten in Belgium in sandwiches with meat and fries. It’s made of mustard, tomatoes and chilis. I personally really loved this one. It is tasty and spicy and fits perfectly well with French Fries and chicken dips. (see pic)

My opinion : Amazingly tasty and good, a perfect friend for French Fries ! 


Comparing all the 3 that were great tryouts, I will totally go again for the Andalouse Sauce ! 

Now, do not hesitate to give me more Belgian sauces names ! This was a very good tryouts session ! :))

Before talking about 3 new Heinz sauces I tried, let me show you this book I found at Fnac, a specialized retailer. (http://www.fnac.com/)

A small book with 15 recipes using the famous Heinz Ketchup. While following my Heinz quest, this is the kind of books I really appreciate to find ! :)

Same books exist with Nutella, M&M’s, Coca-Cola, etc… 

They are made by Marabout (http://www.marabout-cote-cuisine.com/) which belongs to Hachette Livre (http://www.hachette.com/en/) and in collaboration with Heinz.

A quick snapshot of the Heinz Family !!! :)))
A quick note : My friend, back from Belgium (Bruxelles) brought me the Andalouse Sauce, the Frites Sauce and the Mexican Ketchup, i.e. more reviews to come…

My Heinz quest is going very very well !!! I’ll manage to try them all :)

A quick snapshot of the Heinz Family !!! :)))

A quick note : My friend, back from Belgium (Bruxelles) brought me the Andalouse Sauce, the Frites Sauce and the Mexican Ketchup, i.e. more reviews to come…

My Heinz quest is going very very well !!! I’ll manage to try them all :)

A snapshot of my table for a club sandwich dinner ! 

A quick pic of my fridge door… Some are not here…

A quick pic of my fridge door… Some are not here…

Today, I give you my first sauce recipe ! Many times, I tried the Gyoza sauce in Ramen restaurants in Paris, especially in SAPPORO 2 rue Daunou in the 2nd district, (http://www.qype.fr/place/135604-sapporo-Paris) but i never really found the same in stores. (after some tries)

By the way, I encourage you to try this restaurant, the best Ramen in Paris.

And once, I asked my Chinese colleague, who gave me an advice : “Try salty soy sauce with rice vinegar and chili sauce!” 

I did, and it worked pretty well ! So, the recipe is simple :

- 3/4 of soy sauce (Mine was Pearl River Bridge : http://www.prb.com.cn/en/index.html)

- 1/4 of rice vinegar (Here was Mizkan : http://www.mizkan.co.uk/)

- Drops of chili sauce (I tried with my Portuguese Piri Piri sauce).

Mix the 3 with a spoon, and that’s it ! 

Enjoy your Gyozas now, and do not hesitate to give me your feedbacks, advices, improvements, even new recipes or ranges of Gyoza sauces. (with their names please :)